Day unto day

I recently finished a Psalms study class at church.  The following is something I wrote for the final class, which was where we all shared something we created that was inspired by a psalm we had picked at the beginning of the course. The psalm i picked was my favorite, Psalm 19.


Oh Great I AM —

Words aren’t my talent, this is a third draft.  When I was young, I fancied myself as a bit of a poet.  Hundreds of odd pages, written with the feeling and conviction, over-confident, full of humanity–those awkward teenage years.  Looking through them now is a  lesson in humility, seeing how much i rambled, how much i stumbled.  Now I fancy myself as a bit of an artist, trading in words that are heard to images that are seen, and I have to wonder if I still fool myself with grandiose feelings.

Long ago was The Word.  The Word was with You, it was You.  With word, spoken word, You made it all –with no rewrites, no second or third drafts.  “Let there be Light”, and so it was, literal, and you called it Day.  Day unto day utters its own speech, declaring your Glory.  Your words are written in light, read by our eyes –a sense that was made (as all our senses are) to recognize and enjoy your perfect art.

Oh Holy Creator —

I’m a firm believer that art is a language; a language anyone can learn and speak in time, with practice.  I also believe that you gift some with language –hard wiring the connection of the eyes that see something more to hands that translate, and in some small way, create.

Long ago, Your hands formed man from the dust, and from that man, woman.  And though to me it seems awkward, you made that man a poet who gave the names to the animals and all that he saw, all that You made.  When that man fancied himself as something more, as Holy, even as You are, You didn’t erase your words, You didn’t blot out this page in what was to be Your book.  It wasn’t  going to be a rewrite, it was your plan all along.

Oh most Holy God —

You speak to my eyes in all that I see.  Your light translates the speech I see.  All I see Lord is from you, created through you, permitted freely for me to see Light and Darkness both, for consideration, for revelation.  Yet Your light is too bright, the darkness too dark —

     “All things are full of Labor; man cannot express it.  The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing”

You have given me eyes to see the heights, and the freedom to dwell in the depths, knowing that which has been seen cannot be unseen.

Long ago, You also gave this vain world your Law.  “See the world as I see”  “See me with unclouded eyes, out of the darkness of sin.”  Your law is light, pure, perfectly spoken, exposing my need, enlightening my eyes – through the cataracts of mankind’s filth; a beacon for those stumbling, lost in the darkness.

Oh My Heavenly Father —

How amazing you are, to have written in our salvation, at great cost, with the blood of Your Son, before the end of our story!  Your Law, Your Light, has shown me how my past and my talent has been squandered, illegibly scribbled in pride.  Who can understand, how can anyone fully comprehend their errors?

Long ago, you decided on giving us Hope.  You’ve give Your Son as a ransom for me.  In uttering the words “It is finished” on that artless red cross, You’ve written my end as blameless, as innocent of great transgression.

Oh Lord Jesus, My strength and my redeemer!

I thank You for releasing me from the enslavement of sin, of death, of darkness.  I pray you protect my eyes, my hands, and my heart, so they may show others Your vision through the creative talent You’ve gifted me.  I pray you find my words and my art acceptable in Your sight.  In the name of my Author and Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

Day Unto Day