Here is a man, mid 40’s, grey haired and handsome, eeking out his existance in this world as best he understands how.  We don’t know what the problem is.  That man, we’ll call him Larry –well, he makes “art” —  that is, larry takes things that already exist (they use the words “collage” out of “ephemera” and “whatnot” like paint, ink, old images, glue and XPshop6) and does things with them that give them a new life as something else.  A new conversation with words of old. That say something else than what they said before.  Maybe they’re only talking to me.  Maybe they just say the same thing, only better now.  only louder.  now their silence is heard.  Under a few monikers, most lost, a Self proclaimed artist since a teen, working towards making a body of work that is diverse, self exploratory, and skilled (currently unskilled).  Doesn’t make much on this kinda stuff, but its 2018.



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