Hi gang! Well, I haven’t made a lot of physical art lately. There’s a few pieces that are halfway done, as there always are, as there always has been, but in general I’ve really cooled down making art – I could go into some detail as to why, but none of it really matters except to maybe a home renovator who had free services to give or a therapist with a willing ear – matters little to me at the moment. Covid has had it’s ways with either making people reassess their what and whys and make them double down or walk out. There’s more pressing matters than art/ there’s nothing more important than art in this difficult time: both are true statements in my opinion. Still, I have neither art or fucks to give about making art at this current time. I’ve never given up on art, and I’m not now, I just haven’t been….inspired. And that’s been the case for a while, even before Covid. I just haven’t been telling you, website viewer, though by the frequency of posts, it doesn’t take a detective. So, when I’ve got more physical art, I’ll show you. –This isn’t unusual. In my early 20’s, I had a burst of artistic production — then it went (and again, you don’t really need to know why) –but in it’s place I had about 5 years of a different artistic freedom: singing in a band. Between expressing myself in lyric writing and physically singing (if thats what you wanna call it in a punk band), my artistic cravings were satiated. I’ve always always always loved music. And believe me, when that band went away, it crushed me, but i recovered, and in time, I went back, and went back better into physical art making.

So, here, as before, one could say I’ve traded in one “art” for another, for you see, I’ve picked up a new passion in the past few months, and it’s really brought me out of the doldrums. I am a volunteer DJ for an internet radio station based out of Portland, OR called


I currently have a show that you can listen to there on Friday nights, 7 to 9pm pacific time, called FRIENDS OF SLOP. Just like my website’s name, the name has it’s own connection to me, and, surprisingly, to music as well. I’m playing a little bit of anything and everything, any genre that I want, sometimes all of them in a show, sometimes taking a dive into a single genre, time, or theme. Whatever I want, really. For me, it’s a whole new way to express myself, expose others to new things/ideas/sounds, and a whole new thing to learn (it’s a bit like podcasting, as I understand it, but that’s the thing, I don’t necessarily understand it, lol). So, if you’re here to see my art, or (more likely) to see my Screen-printing tutorial/plans, cool, I love you for being here —please, feel free to go a little farther and click on these links and have a listen to my show. Like most of my art, it’s collage art – figuratively piecing this obscure song alongside that well known band and vice-versa, coming up with something for your ears rather than your eyes. If you can’t tune into the show on friday nights, you can still listen to this weeks and all my previous shows on mixcloud, that is:

Thanks for any and all support, Much love.

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