trouble,troubadour, trial


Here’s something new.  Lately, to spark inspiration, I’ve been buying frames with the intent of trying to fill them immediately with new work.  90% of this was put together last weekend (it was supposed to be a 1-weekend work), but the remaining 10 didn’t come to me until this weekend.  Doing some different than usual things — it’s all “analog” cut n’ paste (no gel medium transfers), it’s all paper on paper (my usual is collage on wood panel), with the final step being lamination rather than an epoxy coating.  I think i’m going to get away from epoxy coating in general.  I love that it gives me a protective layer to safeguard/solidify my work, but more often than not over the years it is yellowing out far too much, and there is no remedy for that (at least that I know of).

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