Kaput/Caput: Walking in a daze- it’s over she’s gone (too many piano problems, sounds like you got).


an 8 x 8 out of season (started around November and took this long to mature).  Yes, part of the title has to do with part of the image.  Art has been pretty good to me as of late.  Keeping the lack of sunlight from gettin me, distracting me, sharpening me up, even if it means blunting down first.  Lately been doing Collage Game Challenges.  I’ll post one up.

I have to write, on a sad note, that Zoey the cat has passed away.  The neighborhood cat who I’ve known and loved, as she was, for 13 of her 19 years, has gone to a better place, where they’ll all love her, and she’ll have no reason not to love them.  She can be seen in hovering above in my piece I made called “Zoey’s Journey”.  Rest in God’s Love.plate

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